Medical Imagery’s information on pre-owned systems is accurate and reliable. The systems are inspected to verify that accurate and correct specifications are provided to customers. All systems are checked for proper operation, functioning and cosmetic condition. System films and digital photographs are then taken for the record and provided for the customer. Medical Imagery provides experience in managing the entire process of removal, packing, crating, transportation and shipping, to assure smooth transactions for a word wide clientele.

In addition to the available material, Medical Imagery offers the following:
  • Materials inspection: potential clients are welcome to ask us to inspect radiology materiel being considered for purchase from sources other than Medical Imagery, anywhere in Europe or Africa.
  • Materials removal: in addition to the disassembly and removal of our own devices, we are available to supervise or perform the disassembly and removal of material purchased by clients from other sellers.
  • Packing and shipping: our extensive network of sub-contractors, plus the possibility of cleaning, packing, and crating on our own premises, permits shipment of all client material via our warehouse.
  • MRI storage: our iced water installation enables us to keep any kind of magnet cool.
  • Testing and acceptance: a test laboratory equipped for the connection of CT scanners and checking of proper functioning
  • Training: top-level training relating to emergency maintenance, the replacement of X-ray tubes, etc., is available for certain types of devices.
  • Certain Cat scan and MRI can be reinstalled by our own personnel and sub-contractors anywhere in the world.
  • Advice and performance of materials installation.

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